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Note: This software is no longer being developed or supported.


The project titled Paristemi is named after a greek word which means to present. It is the goal of this project to be open source (under the GPL) and be a website for church and non-profit organizations to use for free. The project is no longer being developed, but if you would like to see what was completed here are some options:


12.20.2006   Due to the growing responsiblities of the main developer of the project, Paristemi will no longer be supported. The source will continue to be available, but bug fixes and feature requests will not be considered. Thank you for your understanding and support.

11.30.2005   There is now a poll for voting open to decide what new feature goes into the next release for Paristemi! Please vote today to help development understand what your needs are.

09.22.2005   Paristemi Release 0.8 is now available! This is the one you have all been waiting for, which brings a full administration panel so that general users can add content easily to the church website. This is a HIGHLY recommended download. Enjoy!
P.S. If you are using Paristemi, please contact us with your URL so we can link it as an example.

09.19.2005   Paristemi Release 0.8 is scheduled to release on September 21, 2005. This release has many updates slated, the most important being the Administration section. Stay posted for the change log and the download information. The road map has also been updated for 0.9, take a look at the RoadMap for more details.



For the user:
  • Announcements
  • Audio Messages
  • Bible Trivia
  • Calendars (multiple views)
  • Current Events
  • Contacts
  • Devotionals
  • Library Catalog
  • Locations
  • Mailing Lists
  • Ministries
  • Mission Statement
  • Multimedia
  • Pictures
  • Prayer Requests
  • Resources/Links
  • Studies/Services
  • Support/Donate
  • Today's Bible Verse
  • Worship Music
For the web administrator:
  • Fully customizable
  • CSS based themes
  • Database driven
  • Secure data and manipulation
  • Spam prevention measures
  • Integrated searching
    - Google Site & Web Search
    - Bible Search
    - Specific Database Searches
  • Help System
  • Bible Gateway integration
  • PayPal integration
  • MapQuest integration
  • ChristianBook integration
  • On-the-fly PDF generation
  • Localizable strings
  • US Section 508 Approved (Accessibility)
  • XHTML Compliant
  • Valid CSS