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Procedural File: header.php

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This contains all of the business logic for displaying the site header.

Includes all of the site CSS and JavaScript. If CSS cookie defined, it uses that CSS file for display (JavaScript). Nav Bar includes:

  • About
  • Calendar
  • Events/Studes
  • Locations
  • Contact
  • Worship Music
  • Audio Messages
  • Pictures
  • Multimedia
  • Prayer Requests
  • Help (Text Icon)


version:  Build 0.7
filesource:  Source Code for this file
since:  Build 0.1
link:  Paristemi Main Site
copyright:  Copyright 2004, Kristen O'Brien
license:  GNU Public License
author:  Kristen O'Brien <kristen_paristemi-com>


require_once("../public_html/constants.php") [line 33]
Include the constants file and all of the files in the include list

require_once("../constants.php") [line 34]
require_once($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/constants.php") [line 36]
require_once($includefile) [line 37]

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